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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: The Fictionist: Human Redemption
To: letters@rollingstone.com

The Fictionist: Human Redemption

I had the opportunity to converse with a well-known fiction writer who has enjoyed being celebrated and deservingly so.
The conversation was deeper, more provocative and outrageous than I ever had expected.
We hit upon the subjects of overpopulation, the school shooting epidemic, corporate corruption, bad politicians, gangs, punishment for rapists and other violent offenders, militia groups, terrorists and non productive drains on our society and resources.
Thus, he proposed that the antagonists noted above and along these lines of non desirable human beings be held in a special trial that would determine if they are, a matter of fact, guilty of such atrocities as a human be-ings that go against natural law and also those man made laws within our societies that are universal for governing - And, if found guilty, would meet an interesting end which forces them to do something for the common good and human and cosmic redemption.
Please note, this fictionist is also a wealthy real estate investor with properties in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, California, Maine, Florida, Brazil and the Fiji Islands -  For he is a true red blooded capitalist, after all - even though he is environmentally conscious of what needs to work for a sustainable world. This may help explain what I am about to reveal.
The fictionist went on to convince me, as we are experiencing more and more signs of overpopulation harming the psyche of cultures and our environment – as more and more people in the United States and around the world are on a downward spiral of demise – and, for instance, our oceans and seas are being over-fished and polluted – blood banks need blood - and people are desperate for organs for transplants – the fictionist suggested that people who are clearly established as “guilty” of being unworthy human beings, unable to be rehabilitated, far gone wastes of resources within are society and those who have committed heinous acts of violence and even greed where people were left victimized – these people should be put to death in medical laboratories that operate like factories.
However before they are put death the proper medical procedures would be followed so that the blood is drained and goes to blood banks for people in need, organs are removed and used for people in need, flesh is cut up and made into a chum to feed sharks off coastal regions that are big on tourism so that sharks quit attacking tourist swimmers because of the lack of resources they are facing in their native waters, bones are grinded into fertilization for soil – every part of the body used for something useful – while shamans bless and cleanse each of these transactions for purity and the cyclic ways of life and death and renewal for goodness beyond this material world – making amends with  the spirit world that gently or harshly covers us like a gossamer blanket.
Furthermore, the fictionist raised the point that the money spent on his ideas for purifying an overpopulated race of undesirables would not only better serve our collective psyche but also be far less costly than “housing” serious offenders in jails, prisons and mental institutions.
While I sat there pondering these words, these thoughts, these images, this meaning, the fictionist proceeded to logically state that just the thought of this reality that could start somewhere and then hopefully be universally adapted made him feel right with Mother Nature, with the cosmos – the perfect opportunity for human redemption and a start for some new businesses as well.
The curls on my head sharpened – I could feel them as defined as the hair on the back of my neck which was raised – my mind was a blank page as I shut off the Dictaphone.
October 11, 2006
John French
This is an example of an entry to be included in my new e-book titled Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media.
It will include poetry, lyrics, Top 25 Hottest Female NEWS Personalities, email write-ins to major and local NEWS programs that are issue oriented, self propagating, and just plain honest and fun like this one below -
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 07:32:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Why are guns legal and pot not?
To: headlinenews@cnn.com
Why are guns legal and pot not?
Guns and people w/ guns kill other people.
Guns and people w/ guns massacre people.
Guns help slaughter innocent people.
Without an abundance of guns these weirdo killers will not have the easy opportunity to slay so many people.
Without an abundance of guns what are these weirdo killers gonna do stab everyone in their site to death?!
Without an abundance of guns what are these weirdo killers gonna do stone everyone in their site to death?!
And, really, why are guns legal but pot is not?! Since when does a marijuana cigarette, reefer stick, joint, doobey kill someone?!
I'd rather see marijuana cigarettes, reefer sticks, joints and doobies in the hands of teens and everyone than guns!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe Canada has it right????????????
Viva La Quebec, Viva Vancouver, Viva Montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of the Organic Roses,   John   mystrawhat.com
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