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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Norah Jones Interview on 60 Minutes
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The Norah Jones interview on 60 Minutes was excellent.
It showed what a special person she is - let alone a talented musician.
It truly depicted her as a centered human be-ing who does not buy into the corporate cheesy facade of rockstardom - who can see through the smoke and material possessions and status of it all.
I like her two cake references: 1). winning all those grammy's was like going to someone elses birthday party and eating all of their cake and 2). that she does not expect to replicate her success w/ her first album - that selling all those albums does not happen very often - and she tasted her cake and now she's moving on with her music and her self -
And, playing in the Little Willies and that other project where the dress-up and wear wigs in disguise and just play for fun like some rock&roll girls nite out, really does portray someone who is just having fun with it and breaking the mold of the corporate cookies cutter musical artist (i.e. Idol and John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, etc.).
Norah is, for and of the music = and most importantly for herself.
This was one of the best musician interviews since Jim Morrison or Jerry Garcia or John Lennon.
Best of the Roses,
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