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Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006  12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Peaceful Night
To: Lineup@foxnews.com
Peaceful Night
When twilight is upon us
Enveloping a good summer’s day
Flowers in the garden still in a masquerade of color
Ready to bow good night
As fireflies fly in-between the slots of our gothic fence
Which kindly separates wild intrusion from our domesticated backyard
Night comes with brilliant red and tranquil purples of promise
If one can be aware of all this beauty and love
Then hope is not a dying dream for fools and democrats
It can be called into action like soldiers, warriors and military might
From Egyptian embankments, to Celtic greenery, to Arabian pastures that hold
Fine steeds, to ice bergs like islands, and African births, to South American
Shamans, to surfers in Fiji, and Hawaiian luaus, to Russian women & vodka, to
Chief Sitting Bull and Seattle, to beer gardens in Germany, Volvos in Sweden, to
The scenic Alps in Switzerland, to the Queen of England, to the princes on Saudi Arabia,
And the young wines of Australia and New Zealand, to the cheeses of France, the
Warmth of Italy and the Muslim monuments in Spain, to the dances of India, to
Modern day Iran and those crazy “cats” of Iceland, to massages of Japan, to
Weeping Walls of the Holy Land, to Christmas in Damascus and flowers of Turkey, to
Good Chinese apples & ancient medicine, to beaches of Vietnam and to food in Korea,
And blessings on Tai Land, to the doors of homes in a place called Katmandu
I wish a peaceful night for you
I do
I do
A peaceful night for you
With no need for fear
No need to be afraid
A peaceful night for everyone whether you
Are non-denominational, an atheist, Buddhist, Hindu,
Muslim, Christian, Protestant or Episcopalian,
Baptist, Catholic, or a Miami Jew
I wish a peaceful night for you
I do
I do
A peaceful night for you
With freedom and love
Freedom and love
And a peaceful night
For you,
My dear,
August 13, 2006
John A. Conte` JR
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