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Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007   12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: true rebels
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For the same reason why we living in a society we need laws - we also must learn to assimilate w/ in society.
Assimilation allows for success.
Of course, there is such risk as over-assimilation and then you have the 50's and need characters like the Beats and Marlon Brando and Elvis to help rebel against the norm to challenge certain status quos that have become way too square and in the box and threaten progression and diversity.
Yes, assimilating to have the right to be a diverse, democratic society is what we Americans are all about - (at least in theory).
America is supposed to be the land of the brave and the land of the free - And by assimilation we come to realize this. And the only rebellion we need against our own authority is for positive change which only leads to a better of quality of life.
Harping on someone and harassing them because they are "acting too white" like the examples Paula has shown us is unacceptable and unproductive for everyone involved. This is not being a rebel but being ignorant and blatantly stupid. Thugs are thugs and not cool rebels. They degrade themselves and society and pull everyone around them down to the gutter.
For instance, Jim Morrison was a rebel and a rebel for good. An intellectual rebel like Jim is good for progression - through teaching us to "break on through" and question ourselves, question authority, question reality and search for a better way within all these areas - in which great poets are supposed to do for society.
However, these poets are assimilated enough to make a difference to be effective - They live on the outside of the inside and inside of the outside - and are different enough without being too weird or lawless = They walk that fine line.
Best of the Roses,
John French    mystrawhat.com
Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media
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