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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: CNN Newsroom Q: What Would You Like to Hear From the President Tonight?
To: cnnnewsroom@cnn.com
CNN Newsroom Q: What Would You Like to Hear From the President Tonight?
Mr. French A:  I'd like to hear the president say the following:
War is never a good thing. I agree with w/ Nancy and allot of our friends across the aisle -  and many of the you, the American people - on that it would be nice to bring the troops home.
And, sure, many of people opposing the war just oppose the this Administration and want to see it fail so they can state that we should of never won the two big elections and have been in power in the first place -
And now that the Democrats have been elected into congress whereas, they have the majority, I know allot of people who voted them in what to see them take action against this Admin's decision making.
But, beyond partisan politics and even whether or not war is a good thing or bad thing, this war in Iraq is now at a critical moment in time where it is necessary and it is crucially necessary that we send in more troops to handle the escalated situation and help bring this hostile country into a more stable environment to foster democracy, peace and allies - And, even more simple, so that its people aren't threatened by the acts of violence that these militias conduct every chance they get.
We need to stop these militias before they grow even stronger and before hatred and acts of murder spread like wild fire across that region and all over the world - including our backyard like what we experienced on 9/11.
If we pull out, they win. In their minds they will see us as weak and someone who could be beaten. And, believe me, these fanatics will try and beat us until we are wiped out.
If we pull out now, Iraq will most likely become in the hands of another ruthless dictator like Suddam or be in the dark ages like Afghanistan under the Taliban, and, therefore ripe for breeding hatred and more Hi-jackers and warriors for Jihad, a holy war against anyone not a fanatical Muslim.
War is never good. However this war is necessary for the interests of global peace. There you go .. an oxymoron ... But nevertheless the truth.
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