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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Jamband Georgia
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Jamband Georgia


She was a

Fire on the mountain.

Out of the blue

Leaving home

Found in

Rue 57.

A little piece

Of Heaven

At 5 foot 7

She was divided

As a whole and

The sum of zero.

A real suburban hero

She  took the HWY

And counted the stars -

Nothing was too far

And nothing was.

Jamband Georgia

Forged her way

Through America and

She wasn't lost, man.

She was a real human -

Until she met Larry Newman

And started drinking gin,

And committed original sin.

Now w/ 2 kids and a mini van

But, at least, she still

Gets it done.

Mr. Newman baby sits

While she makes it out

To the Jamband scene.

She still lights-up a room

And got a body that says

Vroom - vroom - vroom.

She works a job

And wears glasses.

And still has one

Of the nicest asses

In mocha corduroys.

Just watch out boys or

She might blast you

- You have to know

How to flirt -

In order to know

How to make it work

And have her let

You know you're famous


December 3, 2003

Best of the Roses,

John French    mystrawhat.com

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