2009 E-Book Poetry


Last Words Out

Bridge to Love

February Nights



Maybe You’ll Shine

Six O’clock Whistle


The Archeology of Sound

Candles and Cognac

Would You Say You’re in Love

Between Christmas and Thanksgiving

New Hard Times

Come Over You

No More Words

Tiny Pricks

Birthday in the Sun

It’s Just a Kiss Away

Kissing Your Neck

Corduroy, Fleece and Flannel

Who Do Voodoo on You

A Prescribed Ego

Lemons and Limes

Women and Wine

No More Bones for You

the Power of a Daydream


a Graveyard Gives

Beside the River

Everyday Americans

Wish You No Harm

Wooden Floors

Ride Away


Two Wastes of Life

In Bed at Cheteau Marmont

Jim Sheridan Took My Shirt

Perfect July Nite in L.A.

Independent Lens

Ah, Saturdays

Where It All Begins

If It’s One to Ten She’s a Twelve

and That’s Why She’s Always



Rock & Roll Music

Man and Twelve String Guitar Make History

Friday at 3:00 a.m.

The Way My Sisters’ Children Used to Play

Front Porch

The Devil’s Music

Young Love

Sunny Sunshine

Norms, Values and People Who Think They Have the Right to Tell You What to Do


Escort Economy

Pink Red Dress

Behind the Waterfall


The Ledger

Expanding Universe

Supportive Hope

Johnny English and the Aliens

Christmas Barrette

Max's Kansas City

one pay check away

be my everyday

Take the Change

i don't even know her name

be myself

Black Magik Blood


Morning Sun

Wolf Hollow Inn


Poetry 101: Ecstatic Vision

D.C. Blues

Dear Pittsburgh Penguins

a Hot Mess

Yeah You

Behind the Waterfall

Behind a Waterfall There Is No “At the End of the Day”

The two of them stood behind a waterfall and engaged in
Kissing and hugging each other’s shirtless upper halves –
The last time they joined each other’s bodies he was 14
She was 13. Now at the same university they were cozy
With finding and exploring each other again and again –
They were good for each other and were at the right time
The right place and expanded their understanding of things
Together while others were content within stagnant waters

She took some and he always took more and when the poison
Was too much for him and he was in uncharted territory, she
Offered him a safe harbor, calming the turbulent seas and then
Welcoming him and guiding him through a viably friendly port.
They used to love to watch the meteor showers in the heavens -
She kindled the wood and he lit and tended to the evening fires.
Behind the waterfall he realized it was a special spot for allot –
For running water is the purest and best to drink and he did drink

Behind the waterfall there is no end of the day – The water flows
And falls all day long and everyday and doesn’t know an ending.
As water flows, days bleed into the heavy, velvety moonlit nights
And it doesn’t even know how the night divides the day and never Needs to know or care about such paltry things as keeping time -as Running water is the purest form of natural waters and giver of life. If the water doesn’t continue to flow, it’s then we who have the fall. All & all it’s only ones consumed by time who notice an end of day