2009 E-Book Poetry


Last Words Out

Bridge to Love

February Nights



Maybe You’ll Shine

Six O’clock Whistle


The Archeology of Sound

Candles and Cognac

Would You Say You’re in Love

Between Christmas and Thanksgiving

New Hard Times

Come Over You

No More Words

Tiny Pricks

Birthday in the Sun

It’s Just a Kiss Away

Kissing Your Neck

Corduroy, Fleece and Flannel

Who Do Voodoo on You

A Prescribed Ego

Lemons and Limes

Women and Wine

No More Bones for You

the Power of a Daydream


a Graveyard Gives

Beside the River

Everyday Americans

Wish You No Harm

Wooden Floors

Ride Away


Two Wastes of Life

In Bed at Cheteau Marmont

Jim Sheridan Took My Shirt

Perfect July Nite in L.A.

Independent Lens

Ah, Saturdays

Where It All Begins

If It’s One to Ten She’s a Twelve

and That’s Why She’s Always



Rock & Roll Music

Man and Twelve String Guitar Make History

Friday at 3:00 a.m.

The Way My Sisters’ Children Used to Play

Front Porch

The Devil’s Music

Young Love

Sunny Sunshine

Norms, Values and People Who Think They Have the Right to Tell You What to Do


Escort Economy

Pink Red Dress

Behind the Waterfall


The Ledger

Expanding Universe

Supportive Hope

Johnny English and the Aliens

Christmas Barrette

Max's Kansas City

one pay check away

be my everyday

Take the Change

i don't even know her name

be myself

Black Magik Blood


Morning Sun

Wolf Hollow Inn


Poetry 101: Ecstatic Vision

D.C. Blues

Dear Pittsburgh Penguins

a Hot Mess

Yeah You

Johnny English and the Aliens

He thought it was a spirit and was a little startled but used to it by now and recited some lines in his head while moving his lips and fell back asleep. This occurred or three more times during the night. He really felt a presence in the bedroom along with his wife, his dog and him. He felt someone watching him and wanting him to know it.

The next night he heard those strange electronic noises again. It was strange and baffled him. The electronic noises almost had a certainty about them like a frequency for indicating something. He only ever heard them in the middle of the night and dismissed them as something electronic in the house acting-up but what he buried away was the facts that he heard them on both sides of the bed. On each side of the Sterns & Foster king bed there were a set of rot iron and glass tables with matching lamps. He knew lamps did not make such a sound. The only difference from side to side was an electronic alarm clock. However, he heard the strange electronic sounds come from both sides and never actually heard the clock do this any other time or actually at all.

When he awoke to the 5 a.m. local news channel KDKA, there was a story he already the previous day on Fox News Channel about the FDA saying they would not label cloned meat and how it looks, feels and tastes the same; a gas tax of of up to 40% within the next five years -which was new news to him; and that story again about a UFO sighting by many Texans the Air force missed. He heard this story the day before on CNN and he thought it something. UFOs!

He actually didn't know what to make of all these UFO sightings throughout the ages and, yet, because he was a man of deep reason and meaning, he could not rule out the possibility of other life forms out there outside the world we know. He knew we knew, in comparison, only as much as a few atoms and particles in an index finger of a human and all the rest a big mystery.

Of course there were those funny comments made about Tom Cruise and Scientology he heard at 3 a.m. on Red Eye. He didn't believe that even though Scientologists include the word "science" in the name of their religion that they knew anymore. In reality, he couldn't believe in Scientology just because of all the man made dogma that goes along with it and limits ones freedom(s). Moreover, what he had faith in were the reasons that led him to believe that there were definitely a great creator of being, a light of the universe, saints, things that of divinity and transcendentalism and what we know as our tangible world that we cannot explain and are just unexplainable and, therefore, unacceptable to science.

He drank some soy milk, took some pills, ate some fruit and headed in the hills for a hike. The sun wasn't up yet though daybreak was apparent. It was snowing on this January day though he could sense spring ahead. He walked in meditation. Praying. Giving thanks for existence and all in it: for atoms, protons, proteins, neutrons, nuclei, matter, air particles, atmospheric elements, star dust and gases, light, motion, force, momentum, all planetary existence, the moon, the sun, earth, earth's atmospheric elements, positioning, gravity, and the fire within, and for water, the seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, springs, and all aquatic life, vegetation, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and magma, lava, rocks, soil, fertile soil, and vegetation - vegetation for protection, beauty and for nutrition, and for the sacrifices from animals made to sustain us, and for kind eyes and smiles on the faces of strangers.

He came to the Indian cave up in the hills and recited words as to be grateful for all of those who walked before him. He took twelve more steps and his right leg fell into a hole covered by twigs and heavy wet leaves. Something cushioned his foot though. He reached down below and felt the soft leather of a big book. Excited at the prospect he pulled it to him and opened it under the light of day from the rising sun. It read as follows:

Mr. John English,

We have been watching you for years now.

We are a combination of what you all know to be as heaven and aliens.

We are the spirits of souls who successfully passed on and crossed over and chose to further our evolution of be-ing within the existence of life.

We live far far far away from here and yet visit almost whenever we want or need to do so for exploration and communication.

Most of our communication thus far has been known to humans as what you call the paranormal and relate to as ghosts and after death communication.

We are an advanced form of be-ing. Higher, more elevated and enlightened than the far majority of you could ever comprehend or even imagine.

We live in peace, harmony, light, love and joy.

We are called the organic.

All other forms which may have similar ways of communication that you call paranormal are lesser states of existence and be-ing and are in-organic.

We know you intuitively understand and will not use any of this for greed.

We know you to be of pure energy. We know how you struggled and strive to achieve this and work at it everyday with best of intent for be-ing.

We hear your prayers. Look toward the heavens. There is your grandmothers, grandfathers, your nephew and all your family, friends and those your mindful enough to be thankful and grateful for and whom you've sometimes felt watching over you.

We must go now and take the book.

But before we go I will share with you some of our observations:

your fuel - (oil and gas) - does not need to be the end all for you - and is certainly way overpriced
Oswald assassinated Kennedy
Gandhi was a good man
it was a good thing Hitler was taken out
Muslims are planning to take over your world and force everyone to live under the banner of Islam or die
Government knows much more than what they tell its people and rely on the people being kept in the dark
the sacred plants used for healing, spiritual growth and enlightenment should be available to everyone as they freely grow and are intended to be for you
maybe it's a good thing Tom Cruise doesn't believe in doing drugs (anymore) but we know no laws, rules or regulations like this to be true
let me recite a list of the hottest women of everyday media, film and music to you and are as follows
cloned meat is a way for those to eat meat and not feel guilty as the cloned animals do not have souls. the challenge here will be identifying which are cloned and not cloned - for the organic animals should be treated humanely

Best of organic roses,
"Jim" / Organic Be-ing 888888888888

Be in peace, Mr. John English .............