I really want to eat passion

in the eyes of your desire.          

Numb. Oozing, on fire

my magic burns for you.


I bring you rocks in the shapes

                                    of animals.

& language in the form of dreams.

Architecture like frozen music,     

and dance like laughter in ecstasy.


Smile for me in the jungles of

       the sacred tribes

        Scribing passion like fiery


                          of the

                           morning light.


The marvels of space

                                         unveil and unwind

                like the uncoiling of a

                                              sacred snake.

Our dancing led us to the cave

                       of inwardness

where we found our own beauty.

Everything done must be a                 

spiritual ritual

flowing through the doors                  

of perception.

This is how image is created.            


This is how the touched ones                          

are judged by the elders of time                  

                     who spectate.

Their stars shine in the heavens               

   like eyes in the jungle.